Friday, September 10, 2010
Life often presents opportunities for us to change. Are you celebrating these changes or resisting them? I'm in a place today where I have never been before. we as a people are no stranger to tough times. But to me, this is a different kind of tough. When I was going up, my family was rich, so I thought. I don't remember ever wanting for much. We had a clean house, nice schools, and a wonderful neighborhood. Something like a village, where if Mrs. Jean saw you doing something you had no business ,she would jack you up and then tell your mother and father and they would jack you up. Then in my early 20's and 30's I'm on my own. Always having money. Doing everything and anything I was bad enough to do. Always had the desire for the finer things in life. So even if I worked for someone else, I created my own business. Paid off cars, doing my own business. Paying cash for everything. Then I discovered that you need credit in order to get the big wig stuff. Like the brand new cars and brand new apartments. Wow! I'm moving up in the world. Went to college with the OTHER people. Love my people but did not want to live with them, especially if they didn't want better things out of life. So anyway, had my ups and downs. Good and bad times. Keeping God first in everything. That is my survival key. What's goes up must come down. Now I'm down. In a place that I don't want to get use to and won't. God is still in control. But I am resisting change. I have grown accustomed to my lifestyle and really don't know how to give it up. We're in a place where we might need to cut back in order to make it. Where do I start and what do I cut? How do I change? living in lack and not in plenty.

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