Sunday, February 21, 2010


Anything less than the best would be un-civilized, take pride that you are worth more than what rests , between your thighs, make them fall in love with your eyes, the passa ge way to your soul, make him want the whole package, to grow old,with you, every real man' s dream , that perfect companion, the Queen to his King, a huge number of you are scared, but so often your essence is ignored,and rather your privates instead of your thoughts get explored, you must lock that door, and guard the key, don' t let smooth words break you, that' s not a challenge to me, make him work for it, on higher levels,just because you can' t see his horns or pointy tail, don' t mean he ain' t the devil, a wolf in sheep 's clothing, beware of that, if most of the men you meet are dogs,protect your cat, stay off your back, keep him off track, show him the maturity that he obviously lacks, trust me,a real man will respect you for it, and as long as you accept nothing less, a real man will adore it.

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