Sunday, August 22, 2010
What if you could have determined the future of your life what would you have chosen? What would have been the first thing you would have selected that would be different about the life you now live? How many picked something temporary, that can be seen by others, or would make you feel more acceptable? One wonders why we are not the orchestrator of our life. Probably because we deal with the now of life. We all need one greater than ourselves to see for us and plan for us because we as humans have a tendency to deal with what we can see. But the heart that one needs is one that can see your future and your needs that you cannot see. There are so many what if's in life. Some that we have faced with success and some with failures. But aren't you glad or you are now blessed to know, that someone knew there would be these moments and embraced you with grace. See, the what if's in life was seen by God. He knew you could orchestrate a future only beneath what he purposed for you. So he also asked the question. What if I do not speak for those who have been separated from me through sin? They will have no good end. There would be no grace to give them a way of escape, knowledge of right and wrong and freedom to move beyond wrong without condemnation. They would glory in themselves making themselves gods unto themselves losing out on the knowledge that I loved them so much that I blessed them with gifts and talents because I thought of them in this way. I invested in them an identity that I approved and fashioned that would speak of a covenant to some yet unspoken through their acceptance of me as Father. He loved when you were being formed and did not know what love was. He knew you would need him before you even acknowledged him. He made a way for you when you thought you knew the way to take. He kept you in his heart even when you would not listen to his. See he knew you could not find your way back to him without him. So he made available to you a way, a door, a heart that would pour out a love so pure that nothing could separate you, not just for a moment but eternally. He thought of the what if for you. And now all you have to do is receive the grace of it. Aren't you glad to know he thought of you and when he did he answered the question for you.

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