Saturday, May 8, 2010

How the Ardyss Reshaping Garments were Developed

In an article by author Sarah Paulk, Orthopedist Leonel Kelly Mexia shared how he developed the Ardyss Reshaping Garments. He pointed out that together with textile engineers, and expert tailors and designers they implemented orthopedic principles to fine Lingerie. By avoiding using iron ribs or rigid pieces they were able to prevent discomforts in the garment by replacing those attributes with bands and materials with elasticity. Dr. Mexia pointed out that as a result of that, the garments can deliver orthopedic benefits while still remaining comfortable to wear.
When asked how the garments can improve organ function, Dr Mexia pointed out that when we turn 30, pressure around our abdomen begins to deteriorate! As a result, he said that Internal organs such as our kidneys, liver, colon, pancreas, and other vital organs lose their ability to function at a normal level. They internal organs are designed to function properly with a certain amount of internal pressure. When the organs in their respective regions of the body begin to shift, the body becomes less efficient. By using the Ardyss Body Magic and other shaping garments, it is possible not only to correct your body aesthetically, but it is also possible to recover the proper function of your organs. When wearing the Ardyss Reshaping garments your organs are guided back into their proper anatomical position which aids in their proper function! This is powerful stuff. That is why they say, “An appointment with Ardyss will change your life”

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