Monday, May 3, 2010
There are three good reasons why a recession is an excellent time for the economy as a whole and they all have to do with the people who need success.

The first simple reason is that out of hardship and no hope comes the opportunist with a real need to sustain the essentials. In the 1980's European recession we saw the move from manufacturing to service industries because people had the desire to get off the benefit handout system and get into meaningful employment.

The second reason is that it creates a greater awareness of our own personal value and what we value take for instance the middle manager who suddenly realizes they are the person who has been carrying the burden of the company for years, your senior exec's have gotten rich from the work of others but it is the others who get trimmed. So the middle manager suddenly wakes up smells the coffee and says I can do this better and sets off to create a new improved version of what he has been doing for years.

The third and most compelling reason is business returns to type - people like to deal with people so creating strong relationships make a real base for sustainable business.

This is time to look at how what we offer reaches other people and businesses in a way that offers scope for going the extra mile.

So will the international recession affect our opportunities and businesses? The answer is a simple yes but we choose how - for me I am again seeing a growth in interest and service turn around but for others they are looking at the distant partners who are retreating to in house provision and they are loosing out.

Remember it is important that clients and customers see your still enjoying yourself, tell them your stories and remember the positives of why you chose to work from home.

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